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Garden Shed for Tools


Hand built, top quality sheds from a UK manufacturer established in 1982. Based in the Midlands - supplier and installer of Apex, Pent and Potting Sheds from £580.


Sheds in Warwickshire

Apex Roof Sheds

This excellent quality shed is made with 2" x 2" framing, 12mm finished tongue & groove shiplap, and finished with corner trims and barge boards. The polyester based roofing felt, and the tanalised floor battens further increase the already impressive lifespan, and the mortice lock and fully framed door offer  security. A fully opening window compliments the fixed windows and the building is supplied with an effective wood treatment helping to ensure your money is well spent on a building that will stand the test of time. This product is hand built to order by people that care, and included in the price, is assembled at your location by professionals.


Delivery times fluctuate from 2 weeks in the Winter and Spring up to 8 weeks in the Summer and Autumn, so order now to be one step ahead.

Garden Sheds for sale

Pent Roof Sheds

Built using the same materials as the Apex sheds, the Pent Roof shed is also a quality product but features a roof that slopes from front to back. This design is popular in the smaller sizes as it's well suited to being tucked in the corner of the garden. 

The framed, ledged and braced door features a mortice lock for security, and the opening window allows suitable ventilation should it be required. 

As per the Apex roof equivalent, the pent roof sheds are finished with corner trims and painted with an effective wood treatment. Once manufactured by craftsmen, your building will be delivered and assembled for you by the experienced build team all within the complete price.


shed painted green

The Dennington

Built with the same shiplap, but with smaller framing, the Dennington range ticks the box for those who want a standard size at a budget price. Available in 3 sizes, with prices from £580 

summer house in a garden


A place in the garden where you can relax and watch the wildlife, read a book, or just smell the flowers. A summer room is the perfect place to site and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer.

Garden sheds in Warwickshire

The Woodford Apex

A slightly different take on the Apex Sheds, in that the door and windows are located on the front elevation under the roof truss. Looking fabulous with Georgian windows, this is the closest design to a Summerhouse in the  garden shed range. 

Remembering that you get 2"  x 2" framing, 12mm shiplap cladding and polyester based roofing felt, means this design is popular for those looking for a Posh Shed at Garden Shed prices.

potting shed with door open

Potting Sheds

When you need a Potting Shed that is built to last then this is the one for you. The bonus of having a potting shed built with the superior shed  materials ensures your plants and vegetables can remain in situ for much longer. 

 The inclusive opening windows allow your plants to breathe, and the stable style door on the side can add extra ventilation if required.

Also included with your order is a bench at window height for your produce to sit on. 


Shed Gallery

There may be no better way to see what shed suits your needs, than through images. If one grabs your attention, please feel free to contact us for more details. Please note that some images are for illustration purposes to provide ideas, and may have been adapted by customers.

What do I need to do?

Buying a garden shed is straight forward, especially if you have a blank canvas to work from. If you currently have a garden shed that needs replacing, this would need to be emptied and removed prior to delivery. 

The 7 steps to your new garden shed.

Step 1


Decide on the area in the garden where you wish to have the garden shed, and peg out the area with a few bamboo canes and a ball of string. Alternatively you can use slabs, bricks or anything to create the points that denote the area.

Step 2

Size of Building

Measure the width and the depth of the pegged area to determine the size of the garden shed you require. Write this down, so you can refer to it when getting a price online.  

Step 3

The Design

Choose the style of building that prefer to have. If you have a traditional garden, then an Apex roof may be more suited. Those with a modern garden tend to choose the pent roof style. You will also need to decide on the position of the door and the style of the windows.

Step 4

Choose Options

Upgrading to double doors is a great option if you need to store a mower or a bike. You could also add more windows if needed. It could also be that you remove the windows altogether. 

A painted finish is also an option worth thinking about, especially if you are landscaping the garden.

Step 5

Order your new shed

The online price will give you a good idea of the price, however most people order over the phone or by email. Once you have decided on the design please contact us so we can confirm the details with you and  book the order into the delivery schedule.

Step 6

Prepare the Site

Once the order is placed, you will have a period of time to prepare the site. It may be that you have done this earlier in the process, especially if the ground needs clearing before measurements can be taken. Please ensure the location of the shed has a flat and level base - either paving slabs, concrete or wooden bearers.  

Step 7

Delivery & Assembly

When the day comes for delivery & assembly, please ensure access is unrestricted to the site. Assembly will be completed within a day, providing the team have suitable parking and a clear run from the vehicle to the base.

Make it personal
with Optional Extras

Because every garden shed is hand built, it means you can customise it to suit your individual needs. This includes changing the colour, improving the look, and adding accessories.   

Upgrade from the standard treatment and have your new building painted.

Improve the look and longevity of the roof, by changing the appearance.

Add another window,  upgrade to double doors, or purchase a bench seat

Get to Know Us

What makes the product and the service different from others

Quality Assured

All buildings are produced to the highest standards using quality materials from sustainable sources. We pride ourselves on providing good value for money whilst offering products suitable for every budget.

Manufactured in UK

All of our products are manufactured in the United Kingdom, each building being hand built with care and attention to detail


All buildings are produced to the highest standards using quality materials from sustainable sources. The timber is imported directly from Scandinavia and only the best grades are used.


We are aware of the importance of having high quality customer service to match the quality of their products, enabling the best possible experience for our customers.

Why do shed prices vary so much?

Something that many people find surprising when they begin to look into purchasing a wooden shed is that seemingly identical models come at different price points. This is because there is a difference in the thickness of the timber, plus the there are different types of cladding that vary in strength and weather resistance.

potting shed painted blue

Quality of Materials

Two wooden sheds of the same size, and similar appearance, but at different price points. The wood in both sheds is treated, they both have a door and also feature a window.

So what’s the difference between these two sheds, and why is one more expensive than the other?

small garden shed

Cost of Manufacture

The more expensive model has shiplap tongue and groove clad walls which are 12mm thick and a floor that is also 12mm thick, plus a heavy duty polyester felt roof covering. The cheaper model has overlap clad walls that are 8mm thick, the floor is 10mm thick and the roof covering is sand felt. 

garden shed assembly

Cost of Assembly

The door is fully framed with a mortice lock on the expensive model. This cheaper model door uses the cladding, with a cheap lock, and no diagonal bracing or framework. Assembly is also included in the expensive model, which will have factored in labour costs, along with a cost for delivery.

Tell me more

painted sheds



The most important thing to you is how good are the materials to make your shed. the cheaper sheds use 28mm framing, whilst the next level use 34mm framing. If you compare that to 47mm framing - that's nearly double the amount of timber to start with.  



Not only does the framing vary considerably, but so does the grade of the timber. The lower grades are faster grown and feature more knots and blemishes. This increases the chance of warping, twisting and breaking, whilst also being thinner and less resistant to what nature has to throw at it. 



Using better materials, that are sustainably grown will also reduce your carbon footprint. FSC managed forests produce ethically minded materials that are greener for the planet in the long term. Therefore, if you are looking to keep your shed for at least 10 years, then look for a quality product that is built to last   

Explain your difference

It's fair to say that you can buy a cheaper shed, however if you're looking for something that isn't made from matchwood, then you've found it. The sheds we supply are a level above the cheap online offerings, and a majority of DIY stores, due to the materials that are used in the construction. Using our knowledge of the trade and customers expectations, we are selling a product that ticks the boxes. So if you've seen the display models at the trade centres and require something a lot better, then we're the people to buy your shed from. Here's why our buildings are at the top end of the Garden Shed Market. 

….and not forgetting

Building Homes


Assembly is included in the price (there is no self assembly price available for our buildings). If you wish to assemble yourself then it is important to understand that this could result in your guarantee be invalidated as clearly we can only guarantee our own work, and materials which are fitted to our own high standard specification This is why we believe that it pays to let the experts build it for you.  



The things that matter the most


  • The Materials

The framing and the cladding are the most important part of the shed. Framing is 47mm x 47mm and the cladding is a 12mm finished shiplap for the walls. The shiplap cladding has a spirit based treatment applied in a light golden brown colour.

The floor has 15mm T&G boarding fixed onto tanalised floor joists.


  • Assembly & Delivery

Assembly of your new shed is included within the price, providing you are in the Midlands. We supply and install in Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire. 


Please note that groundwork is not included within the price. 


  • Roofing details

Tongue & groove matching cladding (Ex 19mm) 15mm finished on the roof. The roof boards are then covered with Heavy Duty Polyester based roofing felt as standard. Optional roofing upgrades include Felt Tiles and Cedar Shingles. Please ask for details


  • Pre-dipped Shiplap

Doors are fully framed, ledged and braced to allow the lever lock to be fitted. This superior construction and security method adds peace of mind and continues the uprated level of quality and workmanship with our sheds. 

Windows are glazed with 3mm toughened glass, whilst ventilation to the back walls are included as standard.

Delivery & Assembly

Where do you deliver & install?

We deliver and install within the price, to the following counties:
Warwickshire | Oxfordshire | Northamptonshire
Leicestershire | Buckinghamshire | Bedfordshire

Derbyshire | Staffordshire | Berkshire | Hertfordshire

White Minibuses

The Sensible
Way To Buy
Your Garden Shed

We have a lot of experience in selling garden buildings, and understand what the customer needs in terms of a shed that is built to last. We have taken a lot of time to find a manufacturer that is as passionate about their product as we are about our customers, and their needs. This is why we have refrained from offering cheap buildings and selected a product that we know you will feel is value for money. Should you wish to view examples of the garden sheds prior to order,  please contact us to make an appointment at the Show Centre in Northampton

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