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Our most basic shed, constructed from tongue & groove shiplap on the four walls & tongued & grooved matching on the roofs and floor. The building comes with thinner framing than the standard range & it has a door with a padbolt on it, it is dipped in a water based preservative. This building is only available in 6’ x 4’, 7’ x 5’ & 8’ x 6’ sizes.   

Can be either done in a pent or apex option. You would get 1 one fixed window on the 6x4 pent, 2 with a 7x5 Pent and 3 with an 8x6 Pent.  If apex you would get 2 fixed windows on the 6ft, and 3 on both the 7x5 and 8x6.  

The Dennington Range

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