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Where is the nearest




Whilst Shop4Sheds doesn't have a show site,

we understand that you may wish to see the

sheds in situ prior to order. 

This is achievable at the manufacturing plant in Northampton. The location of the factory is  

11 Edmonds Cl, Denington Industrial Estate, Wellingborough NN8 2QY


By not having a show site, we can keep the fixed costs low. That means you ultimately benefit from a higher quality product at a better price. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your new shed, if you are looking for a quality product backed by a quality service, provided by people who understand the industry, and the difference between the lower and the upper end of the market place.

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How do I buy a shed

  1. Choose the required size

  2. Decide on the window design

  3. Select the preferred layout

  4. Add to basket

  5. Input 'Deposit' into the promo code

  6. Order your building

What happens next

  • We will contact you by phone to confirm the size,  design & layout - and discuss the order with you.

  • You will be contacted to arrange delivery

  • Assembly and delivery are on the same day

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Why buy online?

The quality of these garden sheds are superior to those found in the high street DIY stores. Its starts with the framing, then follows with the grade of the shiplap cladding and the quality of the felt. Whilst the upgrade in quality comes at a price, your price is kept competitive by buying online.

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